SupportIf you’re just getting started and aren’t quite sure what goes where, need some technical advice or have a question, this is a good place to start! There are a number of resources available to you.


Getting Started

If you’re just getting started we have an entire page dedicated to getting you up and running with videos and instructions.

Getting Started

The User Manual

You can download the latest OpenSprinkler User Manual for firmware version  2.1.7

OpenSprinkler User Manual

If you are looking for a user manual for an older firmware version visit

Firmware Updates

Firmware updates are released on a regular basis and are free of charge. A firmware update may contain new features or fix a specific problem. We recommend that you upgrade to the latest firmware available for your controller.

OpenSprinkler Firmware Update

The OpenSprinkler Knowledge Base

Helpful video tutorials that cover installation, updating your firmware, weather adjustments and information on other advanced topics.

OpenSprinkler Knowledge Base

The OpenSprinkler Forums

There’s a worldwide community of OpenSprinkler users out there. Chances are someone else has already experienced the same problem or asked a similar question. The support forums are a great way to meet other users, get advice and share ideas.

OpenSprinkler Forums

OpenSprinkler South Africa Support

Get support from the local OpenSprinkler team.

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