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OpenSprinkler AC Irrigation controller (no power supply)


OpenSprinker AC is an open-source irrigation controller that can easily be managed from your web browser, tablet or smartphone. OpenSprinkler AC provides comprehensive scheduling, monitoring and manual control functions via a responsive web interface. Real-time weather algorithms automatically adjust watering times based on weather conditions.

AC model compatible with 24V AC solenoid valves.

OpenSprinkler 3 coming soon!

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Product Description

Package includes one assembled and tested OpenSprinkler AC irrigation controller with USB Cable.

The OpenSprinkler AC irrigation controller operates off a standard 24V AC power supply and provides control for up to 8 stations. You can add optional 16 station AC expansion boards to increase this to a maximum of 56 stations.

NB! This model is compatible with most standard 24VAC solenoid irrigation valves but is NOT compatible with DC valves! If you have non-latching DC solenoid valves OpenSprinkler SA recommends you use OpenSprinkler DC.

An extensive set of features and configuration options are available such as interval based programming, a calendar style preview of your watering schedules, manual override, station naming, on/off delay and support for an optional external rain sensor.

Once watering schedules have been set through the web interface or smart device app, the controller operates completely independently. Even if there is a power failure, your OpenSprinkler controller will still keep time and retain all your programming settings.

Controller Features

LCD display.
Injection molded plastic enclosure with wall mount holes.
Controls 8 stations out of the box.
Optional AC expansion boards can be added to increase this by 16 stations incrementally.
Control from almost anywhere using the web interface or smart device app.
Fully customisable to your own unique requirements.
Assign names to your irrigation zones.
Create programs that run on specific days or intervals.
Check the current watering status and preview your irrigation schedule.
Intelligent watering based on weather conditions.
Settings, time and schedule data are stored in memory and preserved during power loss.
Connects to your network via Ethernet (standard RJ45 connector).
Configure IP address by DHCP or static assignment.
WiFi connectivity requires an optional wireless adapter or bridge.
Automatic NTP time synchronisation via the Internet.
Connection terminal available for optional rain sensor.
USB port for firmware upgrades.
Open Source – OpenSprinkler was built by a consortium of software developers interested in helping make a better sprinkler controller. If you are a developer the code base is available for you to modify and improve!


OpenSprinkler AC can operate most 24V AC solenoid irrigation valves from various manufacturers. Replacing your existing controller with OpenSprinkler is a relatively easy process, and in most cases you can reuse your existing 24V AC transformer to power OpenSprinkler AC.


Power Supply

OpenSprinker AC operates off a standard 24V AC power supply which is not included in this purchase option but is available as a package here.

NETWORK Connection

OpenSprinkler uses a wired LAN/Ethernet port for network connectivity. If installing a network cable to your controller is not feasible you can use a WiFi bridge to connect OpenSprinkler to your WiFi network OR an Ethernet over power line adapter. WiFi bridges and powerline adapters that have been tested with OpenSprinkler are available from the OpenSprinker South Africa online shop.


To enjoy all the features and functionality that come with OpenSprinkler an Internet connection is required. OpenSprinkler uses your Internet connection to download information on weather conditions so that it can automatically adjust your watering times. If you wish to manage your OpenSprinkler remotely, an Internet connection as well as port forwarding rules on your router are required.


A MicroSD card is used to store logs for reporting and is included pre-installed.


OpenSprinkler AC makes use of Wunderground for weather data. To gather weather data you need a Wunderground Key which you can obtain for free from: You must provide a valid key in order to use the weather adjustment feature. For more information on using weather adjustments click here.

Technical Specifications

Hardware version 2.3 AC
LCD display
Ethernet controller
MicroSD slot with factory fitted SD card
RTC with battery
Rain sensor terminal (rain sensor not included)
Per-station transient voltage protection
Input voltage: 22∼28V AC
Power consumption: 1∼1.5W
Maximum output current per zone / station: 800mA continuous (@24V AC), 8A impulse / inrush.
Maximum current supply from USB port (+5V line): 450 mA (to power external USB devices).

Additional Information

Weight 300 g
Dimensions 150 x 110 x 40 mm