Getting Started

User Manual

We recommend you download the latest OpenSprinkler User Manual
OpenSprinkler User Manual


Basic installation and hardware setup

Changes from firmware 2.1.2.
Please note that from firmware version 2.1.2 onwards, button B2 now shows the device’s MAC address when pressed after the controller has been turned on, not the router’s IP address.


OpenSprinkler WiFi connection

We recommend that you watch the video below if you have obtained a TP-Link TL-WR702N Wireless adapter for setup instructions.

Did you know that the TP-Link TL-WR702N can be powered by the USB port of your OpenSprinkler controller? However, OpenSprinkler’s USB connector is a Female type B, so a USB Female A to Male B adapter is used to make the connection possible. Click here to purchase an adapter.


OpenSprinkler Ethernet over powerline connection

We recommend using the TP-Link TL-PA2010 ethernet over powerline adapter for short distances where WiFi connectivity isn’t practical.


1, Firstly, plug in the 1st adapter, and press its pair button for 1 second; then plug in second adapter and press its pair button for 1 second as well. The two buttons should be pressed within 2 minutes of each other. After that, wait about 60 seconds so that the two adapters can finish connecting.

2. Connect one adapter to your router using the supplied cable.

3. Connect the other adapter to OpenSprinkler using the supplied cable.

It’s that simple!

Using OpenSprinkler

This video provides an overview of how to configure your OpenSprinkler controller.


Latest firmware version:
Please note that this video was recorded with an older firmware, version 2.1.0, so not all of the latest features are mentioned.