Download the OpenSprinkler App

OpenSprinkler can be controlled using any current web browser or via the free mobile and desktop apps available for OSX, iOS, Android, Kindle, Windows 8 and as a Chrome extension.

The OpenSprinkler App has been designed to be intuitive and easy to learn. Once launched the app will attempt to automatically discover your OpenSprinkler irrigation controller.

Every aspect of OpenSprinker can be managed from your device such as program management (preview, edit, delete and add), initiate a run-once program, view graphical and tabulated representations of log data, device status, adjusting the rain delay and changing of other OpenSprinkler settings.













Please note that all the apps listed above require the OpenSprinkler hardware controller and your OpenSprinkler controller needs to be correctly connected to your network. For certain features to (such as weather data)  OpenSprinkler requires Internet access.Controlling OpenSprinkler from outside your local network (home) requires port forwarding to be setup on your router.

The OpenSprinkler app was developed by Samer Albahra