Online Demo

FrontPage_PhoneAppsWe’ve setup an online demo so you can try out the OpenSprinkler web interface and smart device apps.

The online demo is not limited in any way and contains the same features as the actual OpenSprinkler irrigation controller.

See for yourself just how easy OpenSprinkler is to use.


Try the web interface

Accessible from most modern web browsers

Visit using your preferred web browser.
The password is: opendoor

Try the App

Available for iOS, Android and Windows devices

Step1: Download the app for your device
Step2: Open the app you downloaded
Step3: Select “Add Controller” if prompted to do so.
Step4: Use “demo” as the Open Sprinkler Name
Step4: Use “” (without quotation marks) as the OpenSprinkler IP.
Step5: Enter opendoor as the password.

Download the manual

Available in PDF format

You can download the latest OpenSprinkler User Manual

OpenSprinkler User Manual