Introducing OpenSprinkler

An innovative irrigation controller

Programming your irrigation controller shouldn’t be a complicated and frustrating task. OpenSprinker is one of the most innovative and customisable irrigation controllers available today. Packed with innovative features, you’ll never think about irrigation control the same way again.

Control your irrigation system from your smart phone or tablet

OpenSprinkler can be controlled via the free mobile and desktop apps available for OSX, iOS, Android, Kindle, Windows 8 or using any current web browser. Designed to be intuitive and easy to learn, every aspect of the irrigation controller can be managed from the app on your phone or using your computer.

FrontPage_CalendarFully customisable to your own unique requirements

An extensive set of features and configuration options are available. Assign names to your irrigation zones, create programs that run on specific days or intervals, check the current watering status, preview your irrigation schedule or run a once off program. Visit our online demo and see for yourself.

Weather-based watering control via Internet updates

OpenSprinkler uses an Internet weather service to determine weather conditions for your location. Automatic weather-driven algorithms adjust your sprinkler watering times based on your local temperature, humidity and rainfall.  OpenSprinkler also supports the connection of an external rain sensor OR flow sensor.

FrontPage_ToolsEasy to install

Like most irrigation controllers OpenSprinkler operates off a standard 24V AC power supply and can operate most 24V AC solenoid irrigation valves. Installing a new system or replacing your existing controller with OpenSprinkler is a relatively easy process. A 9V DC version of OpenSprinkler is also available which is compatible with 24V AC and DC non-latching irrigation valves.

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Get the revolutionary irrigation controller that thousands of homeowners and businesses, both big and small, are already using. OpenSprinkler will improve your lawn, garden or farm irrigation. Everything you need to get started, upgrade, or expand is available from the OpenSprinkler South Africa online shop.

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